One Year, Full-Time Position in Western Civilization and World History at Messiah College

Last week I posted a job ad for an adjunct instructor in Western Civilization at Messiah College, the college where I teach and serve as the Chair of the History Department.  Since that time we have received approval to turn this position into a one-year, full-time position with salary and benefits.

We are looking for someone who can teach the following course load:

Fall 2015:  3 sections of Western Civ I or Western Civ II and a First Year Seminar  (writing enriched) on a topic of their choice.

J-Term 2016 (3 week course): Western Civ I or Western Civ II

Spring 2016: 2 sections of World Civilization I or World Civilization II and a section of Western Civ.

As many of you know, Messiah College is a Christian College.  Faculty should be willing, in good conscience, to sign the Apostles Creed and support the mission of the college.

Here is a taste of the official job ad.  It should be posted at the Messiah College Human Resources page and on H-Net and the Chronicle of Higher Education in the next few days.

Position Title:                   One-year Lecturer in Western and World Civilizations
Position:                      The Department of History at Messiah College invites applications for a one year lecturer position in Western and World Civilizations beginning August 2015.
Responsibilities:          Teaching responsibilities will include introductory, general education survey courses (100-level) in Western Civilization (I & II) and World Civilization (I or II). Willingness to teach a First Year Seminar in area of expertise. Experience teaching Western Civilization and World Civilization required. Evidence of strong commitment to teaching undergraduates in the liberal arts tradition is expected. Course load is 4 courses in Fall 2015, 1 course during J-term, and 3 courses in Spring 2016.
Qualifications:           Ph.D. Or A.B.D. in History with focus on European history or non-Western World preferred. M.A. with substantial teaching experience may be considered.
Feel free to contact me with any questions about the position.

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