Looking For an Adjunct History Instructor for Fall 2015

The Messiah College History Department, which I chair, is looking for someone to teach two sections of Western Civilization (preferably Western Civ I: Before 1500) in the Fall 2015 semester.  The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D in history, but an ABD or M.A. with some teaching experience in Western Civilization or European History could work.  I also prefer someone who can teach during the regular academic day (as opposed to evening) on a MWF or T-TH schedule.  Having said that, I will consider one of these courses being an evening class if the right candidate emerges.

There may also be opportunities for this person to teach Western Civ in our J-Term session and in the Spring 2016.

As many of you know, Messiah College is a Christian College.  Faculty should be willing, in good conscience, to sign the Apostles Creed and support the mission of the college.
If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact me at jfea(at)messiah(dot)edu and attach a current vita.   I am looking to fill these slots as soon as possible.  
Also, please feel free to share this with friends or other potential applicants.

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