Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

Tracy McKenzie on historical context

Eugene McCarraher reviews Elizabeth Lunbeck, The Americanization of Narcissism

Still more on Gordon Wood’s controversial Weekly Standard piece

Have you heard Obama’s latest?

Why the Catholic Church rejects collectivism and individualism

The Second Barbary War has become relevant again

Race in America from the perspective of a 19th-century French novel

Jill Lepore talks Wonder Woman

On teaching the messiness of Mormon history to Mormons

Does The Author’s Corner have some competition here?

Randy Boyagoda and Sam Tanenhaus discuss Richard John Neuhaus

Wilfred McClay: You can’t erase what’s on the Internet

The radical Pope?

Looking back on the Atlantic‘s coverage of the Dred Scott ruling.

Peter Manseau is everywhere these days

Who was Edmund Pettus?

The American Civil War around the world

Can an evangelical Christian be a feminist?

Tim Lacy on Theodore Hesburgh