Chris Gehrz Holds Forth on the "Pietist Vision of Higher Education"

Chris Gehrz is all over the Internet these days.  Whether he is wandering the Bethel University campus with his trusty microphone as the host of Past and Presence, announcing Bethel’s new job search for an “Ancient-Digital” historian, or talking about the relationship between piety and higher education, his musings are always thoughtful and on the mark.

For example, check out Chris on the Christian Humanist podcast with Nathan Gilmour.  Chris and Nathan discuss Chris’s newly edited volume, The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education: Forming Whole and Holy Persons.  I listened to it this afternoon and was deeply impressed with how Chris, a trained diplomatic historian with a Ph.D from Yale, is able talk so freely about matters pertaining to theology and academic life.  There is a reason they call this guy “The Pietist Schoolman

Listen here.

9 thoughts on “Chris Gehrz Holds Forth on the "Pietist Vision of Higher Education"

  1. In my opinion, the connection of career and education is really important. For instance, online education allows students to earn quick degrees and enhance their careers. Chris should also put some light on online institutes.


  2. Thanks for listening, John! As always, you're very generous… Can I repay that kindness by hijacking your blog to shamelessly promote my newest online venture? I've agreed to start a Pietist Schoolman Podcast hosted by Nathan and his Christian Humanist friends — coming mid-to-late April. Season 1 will spin off from the Pietist Vision book, as I talk to some of its contributors and bring in other guests to fill in some of the book's holes.


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