"Why Study History" on Mars Hill Audio

The new Mars Hill Audio Journal is out.  In the opening interview, I chat with host Ken Myers about the relationship between individualism and the study of history.  

Here is the synopsis:

Guests on Volume 124: John Fea, on how American individualism fuels indifference to the study of history, and how K-12 education can counter that apathy; Robert F. Rea, on how engagement with Church history deepens our faith and enriches our capacity as faithful servants; John C. Pinheiro, on how anti-Catholic prejudice in mid-nineteenth-century America was intertwined with beliefs about the virtues of Republicanism, “Manifest Destiny,” and the Mexican-American War; R. J. Snell, on how newer ideas about natural law focus less on moral propositions and concepts and more on the thrust for meaning and value; Duncan G. Stroik, on how architectural styles function as languages that speak to us and enable buildings to speak to each other; Kate Tamarkin and Fiona Hughes, on the healing power of music.

One thought on “"Why Study History" on Mars Hill Audio

  1. My wife works for MHAJ–and Ken Myers directs our church choir. I was very excited to hear that you were going to be on the Journal. I haven't listened to it yet, but as a middle school history teacher I'm very much looking forward to it. Based on my wife's description, I expect it to be helpful and enlightening.


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