On Writing the History of the American Bible Society–Update #97

My last post in this series was November 18, 2014.  I have actually done very little writing on the American Bible Society book since then.  I had some health issues that disrupted my work flow on the project, but my health is now improving and I am starting to get back into the swing things.

Those who have been following these posts have no need to fret. Work is still being accomplished on the project and I am still very optimistic that the manuscript will be delivered to Oxford University Press on May 1, 2015.

Here is what has been going on:

  • Katie is still helping me with research.  She is currently working on the ABS story in the years between World War I and World War II
  • Alyssa is working on the history of the United Bible Societies
  • Katy is back from Oxford and is now working on the history of ABS in the 1970s.
  • I am reading through Annual Reports and other records from the post World War II period, scheduling a slew of oral history interviews which I hope to conduct in February and early March, and writing the nineteenth-century chapters.
  • Mary and Kristin and the ABS have been providing me with the resources I need to keep things moving.  Thanks!
I am not sure if I will be posting everyday, but I will, at the very least, try to be consistent.  Stay tuned.