25 Most Popular 2014 Posts at The Way of Improvement Leads Home

Here they are:

1.  What is Going on at Cedarville University?
2.  From Racism to Obama: Mapping the History of the Democratic Party
3.  Evangelical Churches and Intellectuals
4.  Natalie Zemon Davis Shows How to Read a Primary Source
5.  Why Major in History?: An Undergraduate Perspective
6.  Video of the Day:  Bill Cosby Responds to Victoria Osteen
7.  What is the Difference Between a “Blog” and a “Blog Post?”
8.  What David Barton Really Said About Women and Voting
9.  Reflections on a Writing Binge
10. Today’s Tea Party History Lesson
11. Liz Covart on “Writing History for the Public”
12. The Author’s Corner with Marc Ferris
13. Colby College is Ready for March Madness
14. “Only John Adams Seems to Have Escaped Any Hint of Scandal”
15.  On Writing the History of the American Bible Society–Update #48
16.  Maryland County Commissioner Prays Bogus George Washington Prayer
17.  You Might Be an Evangelical If…
18.  Bruce Plays a Telecaster, Not a Stratocaster
19.  I Teach at One of the Tamest Party Schools in the Nation
20. The Author’s Corner with Robert F. Rea
21. What is a Historian of American Evangelicalism Taught a Course on the History of American Evangelicalism at an Evangelical College and No One Came?
22. Follow Me as I Write a Book About the American Bible Society
23. Is There an Evangelical Mainstream?
24. The Author’s Corner with Greg O’Malley
25. A New Kind of History Department