Be Careful: You Are Reading an "Exteme Far Left Liberal" Blog

The hits just keep on coming.  

It looks like I have been dragged into the latest blogophere debate on David Barton.  Apparently Barton recently won a defamation lawsuit against a group that claimed he was a white supremacist. Warren Throckmorton has reported on the case here.

In the comments section of his post, a defender of Barton claims that Throckmorton cannot be trusted because he “aligns himself” with “extreme, far-left liberals, like John Fea.”

Another commentator writes: “Let us say, for argument’s sake, that he did in fact align with Fea at some level. Is that enough to ostracize him? Was Jesus not condemned for eating with publicans, tax collectors and sinners (reference Mark 2:16)?”

So now it looks like I am the equivalent of a “publican,” “tax collector,” and “sinner.”  (Just to be clear, I have never worked as a publican or tax collector, but this commentator is correct when he calls me a “sinner.”  I would probably nuance this a bit by calling myself a sinner saved by God’s grace).

The first commentator also notes that Throckmorton, by aligning himself with me, is guilty of “collusion and association with the enemy.”  If this is indeed the case, I pray that both this commentator and Throckmorton are willing to apply Matthew 5:44 to my case.  And I will try to do the same.

Read the rest here.

I should also add that I do not think I have every identified myself on this blog or elsewhere as a member of the Democratic Party or any other political party.  

Finally, most of the comments about me in Throckmorton’s post would elicit a hearty laugh from my friends or colleagues at Messiah College.

11 thoughts on “Be Careful: You Are Reading an "Exteme Far Left Liberal" Blog

  1. I'm born and raised in a conservative family, immediate and extended. In my experience, anything REMOTELY liberal is automatically “extremely,” or “radically” liberal.

    Further in my experience, any liberalism is treated as a disease that must be eradicated, and anyone critical of a staunchly conservative worldview and agenda is suspect – a lot of suspicion is involved. There's a very Orwellian, McCarthyesque atmosphere in certain conservative circles, and it often boils over into our churches.

    That's just my experience, though, and I'm sure someone else could tell me they have had comparable experiences with liberals.

    For what it's worth, though, I read your book “Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?,” and I was very pleased to see you stay away from championing the Founding Fathers for this or that political ideology; but that's reason enough for David Barton and anyone who agrees with him to label you an “extreme far left liberal” (read: a liberal).


  2. For what it is worth, I will continue to read your blog and share your “Lefty” propaganda throughout the web. On the plus side, this kind of attention always leads to more readers.

    Have a Merry Christmas, John!


  3. Let's see. If YOU are an extreme, FAR-left liberal, what does a merely far-left liberal look like? A simply redundant left liberal? Just a liberal? Imagine what that guy would think if he ever actually MET an EXTREME FAR left liberal? I would pay for this guy's rubric if he self-published it on Amazon just for fun. I feel a meme coming on…


  4. Hmm, the association of religious conviction with being a Republican has always been a lazy, off-kilter assumption. Not that I would know, but from what I have read, Christ was the embodiment of compassion and forgiveness… not the hallmarks of today's Republican party.


  5. Oh my!! And I have “aligned myself with you” as well. What does that make me?? or you?? Oh wait–aren't we all part of the body of Christ? Hmmmm. Happy Christmas to you!


  6. I should also add that I do not think I have ever identified myself on this blog or elsewhere as a member of the Democratic Party or any other political party.

    Simple Straussian textual analysis. Your conservatism is conspicuous by its absence.


  7. I thought his mentioning of you as a Democrat was amusing because I have never seen you make that claim. It is probably due to your Bruce Springsteen fetish. Judging by what the individual stated a few times I would say he confuses his political ideology with his religious ideology. That of course is his choice, but I think he needs to understand most people do not think that way.


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