The Omohundro Institute is Entering the Blogosphere and We are Going Along for the Ride

The Junto will be a featured blog at “The Octo”

Many of you who read this blog are familiar with the Omohundro Institute of Early American History Culture.  Based at the College of William and Mary, the Institute promotes the study of early American history through conferences, a book series, post-doctoral fellowships, and the publication of the William and Mary Quarterly.

And now the Omohundro Institute will publish “Uncommon Sense: The Blog.”  Here is what you can expect:

As those familiar with the OIEAHC know, last April, in recognition of readers’ evolving habits, and environmental and cost sensitivities, the publication of Uncommon Sense moved completely online. Reports from the Director, Editor of the WMQ (Quarterly Notes) and Books Editor (Ad Libros) as well as features and reprints of favorite articles from the archives under the category of “Classic Sense” anchor the publication.
But the OI has news to report more than the traditional twice-yearly publication of Uncommon Sense and so we bring you Uncommon Sense — the blog.  Interviews with current Quarterly authors and newly published book authors, updates from OI staff members, and reports on our conferences are just a few of the topics that need to be published as they happen. Taken together with the continuing bi-annual production of our longer format Uncommon Sense, we hope readers gain an even richer picture of life at the Institute than they had before.
“Uncommon Sense–The Blog” will be part of a new community of eight early American history blogs called “The Octo.”  Edited by historian and blogger Joseph Adelman, The Octo “showcases some of the best and brightest online writing available about Early America and historical scholarship.” 
We at The Way of Improvement Leads Home are honored to be part of any blogging community that includes Boston 1775, The Junto, Historiann, Past is Present, Uncommonplace Book, and Beyond the Reading Room.