From Racism to Obama: Mapping the History of the Democratic Party

I need to share this with my U.S. survey students.

Andrew Prokop of VOX has assembled 23 maps that explain the history of the Democratic Party in America.  

The Democrats were and are and will be (in chronological order):

1.  The party of Andrew Jackson
2.  The party of Indian removal
3.  The party of Manifest Destiny
4.  The party of slavery
5.  The party that fractured during the Civil War
6.  The party that dominated the South after the Civil War
7.  The party of farmers and silver
8.  The party of Wilson progressivism
9.  The party that fought the Great Depression
10. The party of government spending
11. The party of unions
12. The party that split over Civil Rights
13. The party that lost the South
14. The party of the anti-Vietnam War movement
15. The party of the cities
16. The party of poorer Americans
17. The party that performs badly among evangelicals
18. The party with a few blue dogs
19. The party of unions (again)
20. The party of the emerging non-white electorate
21. The party that is seeing declining support from white voters
22. The party that is getting weak in the states
23. The party appealing to Hispanic voters