Milwaukee Bound

Lecturing to 500 Milwaukee Public School students at Marquette in 2009

I am about to depart for my third Gilder-Lehrman Institute workshop with the good teachers of the Milwaukee Public School District.  I was here in 2009 to do a lecture at Marquette University on children in colonial America.  In April 2013 I returned to Marquette for a lecture on immigration and religion in American culture.

During the next two days I will be leading a workshop with Gilder-Lehrman master-teachers Ron Nash and Nate McAlister (2010 National Teacher of the Year) on colonial America (for 5th grade teachers) and late 19th-century immigration (for 8th grade teachers). Someone at Gilder-Lehrman must know that I used to regularly teach a course called “Immigrant America” at Messiah College.

I am looking forward to meeting Ron Nash and reuniting with Nate, my partner in crime at Princeton this past summer.