On Writing the History of the American Bible Society–Update #89

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This morning I took a break from my background reading for Chapter Five and wrote a more extensive outline for the chapter.  While I still need to more reading, especially in preparation for my section in this chapter on the anti-mission Baptists and the role of women in the ABS, I did manage to sketch out a preliminary introduction to the chapter and write about 100 words.  Slow progress is better than no progress.

2 thoughts on “On Writing the History of the American Bible Society–Update #89

  1. John: Good points. Yes, I do have a rough outline for the entire book. I know where I want to go, but not all of the later chapters are outlined fully because I have not done all the research yet.


  2. Ages ago (50 years) when i was taking an English course, our Professor always insisted on an outline, before we started written any paper. Other than chapter names, do you have any extensive outline to guide you in writing your book? It seems that you could waste a lot of time rewriting chapters, whenever you discover something new.

    PS I love your blog and have enjoyed it for some time. Particularly your podcasts for your class this semester.


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