Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

Some critics of the new AP curriculum will lose a lot of money if teachers decide to adopt it.

Robert Webster, former slave

David Armitage: Historians should get involved in politics and policy making. Also, The History Manifesto

Americans want more religion in politics

Wheaton College is suing the Obama administration, but not all professors at the college thing it is a good idea

Robert E. Lee’s slave

Chutes and ladders; Civil War style


Check out Liz Covart’s early American history podcast

Andrew Sullivan defends Gordon College

The latest issue of Fides et Historia is here.

Random Miami Dolphins highlight from 1981

Michael Blaakman reviews Francois Furstenburg, When the United States Spoke French

Tenured Radical on the USA Today list on the best places to study history and other history lists.

Counterfactuals and teaching