On Writing the History of the American Bible Society–Update #83

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Over the course of the last two days I have been doing some secondary reading for my chapter on the ABS involvement in the so called “benevolent” empire of the early nineteenth century. Several books have been helpful, including:

Steven Mintz, Moralists and Modernizers: America’ Pre-Civil War Reformers

Ronald Walters, American Reformers, 1815-1860

Daniel Walker Howe, What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848

Anne Boylan, The Origins of Women’s Activism: New York and Boston, 1797-1840

Anne Boylan, Sunday School: The Formation of an American Institution

Robert Abzug, Cosmos Crumbling: American Reform and the Religious Imagination

Lori Ginzburg, Women and the Work of Benevolence: Morality, Politics, and Class in the Nineteenth-Century United States

I also spent a good chunk of the morning doing some ABS project-related writing.  I can’t go into any more detail at the moment.  Stay tuned.