On Writing the History of the American Bible Society–Update #68

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After a four hour work session this morning I think I am ready to start writing Chapter Four: “A Bible for Every American Family.”  This morning I read a few more articles in the anti-benevolent society, anti-ABS periodical The Reformer.  This periodical has helped me to better understand the opposition to the General Supply (1829-1831) and the opposition to the ABS in general.  (See yesterday’s post).

I also finished organizing my notes for this chapter and established an outline.  Here is what I have so far:

I.  Early examples of auxiliaries trying to supply everyone in their locales with a Bible

II. Production:  How the ABS Bible House at 72 Nassau Street in New York prepared for the General Supply

III. The role of auxiliaries in the General Supply

IV. Special General Supply agents and their stories

V.  The announcement of the General Supply

VI.  Progress and resistance:  1829

VII:  Progress and resistance: 1830

VIII. Progress and resistance:  1831

IX.  The ABS assesses the General Supply

Writing commences tomorrow morning.