Secularism on the Edge

In February 2013 I sat in a comfy reclining chair on a stage at Georgetown University before a group of some of the world’s leading scholars of secularism.  Jacques Berlinerblau, the prolific scholar of secularism and religion and public life at Georgetown interviewed me about the relationship between Christianity and the American founding.  It was the opening plenary session of an international conference called “Secularism on the Edge.” I blogged about it here.  You can also watch the video of the interview below.  At about the 57:00 minute mark I get myself in trouble by telling Berlinerblau that I want to convert him to evangelical Christianity.

I am pleased to announce that my interview with Berlinerblau is the lead essay in a new volume titled Secularism on the Edge: Rethinking Church-State Relations in the United States, France, Israel.  You can get it for the low, low price of $80.29 on Amazon.Com

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