On Writing the History of the American Bible Society–Update #50

Mark Twain visited the ABS in 1867

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Before I get started today, I want to thank the hundreds and hundreds of you who have been following these posts.  This series has become one of the most popular things we have ever done here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home.

With another partial week in the American Bible Society archives complete, I need to start refocusing my work life.  The new semester at Messiah College is almost here and as the chair of the History Department there is a lot of work to do before the students arrive later this month.

So what does this mean for the ABS project?  It means that I am facing some unique challenges as I try to balance steady work on this book with my numerous responsibilities as a teacher and an department administrator.  This will probably mean some very early mornings.  It will be essential that I get in several hours of writing and research a day if I want to meet the May 1, 2015 deadline for delivering the manuscript to a yet-to-be-determined publisher.

Last week I spent three productive days in New York.  Chapter Three, tentatively titled “A Bible for Every American,” is ready to be written.  So is Chapter Four: “The Bible is the Religion of Protestants.”  I am hoping to get a few more days in New York this week to finish the research for Chapter Five: “A Bible House Divided.”  Finally, all the research for chapters on the late 19th century are complete.  Thanks again to Katie Garland for her work on this period.  

Stay tuned.  We are making progress but at this point it is hard to tell if we are making good progress.

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