On Writing the History of the American Bible Society–Update #36

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I am convinced that one does not really know what they want to say in a book or how that book should be organized until they actually sit down and start writing.  While it is good to be thinking about the ideas and format of a book in the car, in the shower, and during breakfast, there is nothing like actually writing.

I wrote about 4000 words yesterday and I am left with a 12,000 word beast of a chapter that I need to figure out how to divide.  You may recall that I was going to write a narrative chapter and a chapter geared toward intellectual history, but during my writing sessions today I realized that the first two chapters would be better if I integrated the narrative of the founding of the ABS with the ideas that motivated the founders.

At the moment, these chapters are little more than a mixture of prose and quotes and references to primary sources.  The footnotes are in place, but there are no transition sentences or logical flow to the chapter apart from the material dumped into various sections stemming from my master outline.

I still have more research to insert into the chapter today.  Once it is all in there I will begin crafting, editing, and polishing until I feel comfortable with people seeing the chapter.

Stay tuned.