On Writing the History of the American Society–Update #34

Benjamin Rush was a founder of the Philadelphia Bible Society

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I am back in the home office writing this week. I got off to a slow start this morning due to some other tasks that I needed to address but I did manage a substantial writing session in the afternoon. By the time I took my daughter to soccer practice at 6:00pm I had churned out just under 2500 words in chapter one.

As I mentioned in a previous post in this series, my first drafts are pretty rough.  I just dump my research into the document, writing as if I am telling a story to my kids.  The real “writing” takes place during the many editing sessions.

Today I wrote about Elias Boudinot’s argument for a national Bible society and his response to objections from the Philadelphia Bible Society. There are a lot of interesting characters who appear in this chapter, including Benjamin Rush, William White, John Caldwell (son of patriotic parson James Caldwell), Jedidiah Morse, and Samuel Mills.

Stay tuned.