On Writing a History of the American Bible Society–Update #30

I’ve been editing Chapter One on my train commute

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My chapter on the American Bible Society’s role in the Civil War is going to be fun to write.  It looks like I will need to approach the topic from two directions.  The first story-line is the attempt of the ABS to maintain their relationship with auxiliaries in states and regions that seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy.  

The second story-line is the distribution of Bibles among the troops.  The ABS developed a partnership with the United States Christian Commission on this front.  

I hope to wrap up my research in the Bible Society Record today and move to the records of the ABS Corresponding Secretary (I get to read someone else’s mail!) and the records of the ABS Board of Managers.

The writing of chapter one goes slowly.  I manage to write about five hundred words a night and get some decent editing done on the ride to and from the city.  I hope to finish chapter one next week (a break from the archives) and send it off, with my book proposal, to publishers and agents.  Stay tuned.

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  1. In a March 1862 meeting in Augusta, Georgia, delegates from 7 states formed the Confederate Bible Society. I have a pocket New Testament printed in Atlanta in 1863 for that society.


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