Follow Devin Manzullo Thomas As He Writes About "Born Again Brethren"

Devin Manzullo-Thomas

I know that a lot of you have been following my daily posts about the ins and outs of researching, writing, and publishing a history of the American Bible Society.  I am grateful that so many of you are finding these posts useful.

My approach to research and writing will naturally be different than others.  Another historian might do their work in fundamentally different ways.  If you want to see how another religious historian does his work, check out Devin Manzullo-Thomas’s blog The Search for Piety and Obedience.  Devin will be blogging about his work on an article-length study based on his Temple University masters thesis titled “Born-Again Brethren: History as Identity and Theology in the Cultural Transformation of a ‘Plain People.’”  It deals primarily with the relationship between the Brethren in Christ Church and the American evangelical movement.  He hopes to offer weekly updates on his progress.  Here is a taste of his post:

To maintain accountability and help steer this project toward completion, I’m taking a page from my Messiah College colleague John Fea’s book and attempting to document my research and writing process here at the blog. (If you’re wondering why I’d be doing more research for a project that’s already basically written, stay tuned — I have a blog post just for you!)
Each week, I’ll post a new update about my work on the essay. These updates will be a mixed bag: sometimes they’ll be personal reflections on the research/writing process; other times, they’ll be short research notes sharing interesting finds in the archives or questions I’m grappling with. Like John, I hope to walk readers through each step of the process: research, writing, submission, waiting, peer review, etc.
Looking forward to it!  I hope this post has raised the accountability bar a bit.  

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