Summer Reading for Evangelicals

Over at The Anxious Bench blog, Miles Mullin of Southwestern Baptist Seminar makes summer book recommendations for the blog’s evangelical readers who are interested in American religious history. 

He recommends the following books:

Thanks for including us on the list, Miles.  Here is his take on Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?:

Former Anxious Bench blogger John Fea provides a largely even-handed approach to the question posed in the title, something that few works on this volatile topic manage.  A respected historian and committed Christian (with an M.Div. from TEDS!), Fea correctly steers a middle path between evangelical and secular revisionists.  At 304 pages, this book is one of the longer ones on the list, but ministers who want to avoid the politically-motivated pitfalls surrounding “Christian America” should read it.  Although not strictly historical in approach, readers desiring to engage this topic further might consider One Nation Under God? An Evangelical Critique of Christian America (2001) by my colleague, John Wilsey.

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