My 2014 Summer Reading List: Part One

How about these for obscure titles:

Archibald Henderson, Isaac Shelby, Revolutionary Patriot, 1917

Peter Stephen DuPonceau, Life of the Honourable William Tilghman

William Peter Strickland, History of the American Bible Society, 1849

Creighton Lacy, The Word-Carrying Giant: The Growth of the American Bible Society, 1977

Horace Binney, Bushrod Washington

Mary D. Matthews, Forgotten Founders; The Life and Times of Charles Pinckney

R.D. Connor, William Gaston: A Southern Federalist in the Old School, 1934

Alfred Bryan Sears, Thomas Worthright, Father of Ohio Statehood, 1958

John T. Posey, General Thomas Posey: Son of the American Revolution

Elias Boudinot, Journey to Boston, 1809

William Stahr, John Jay: Founding Father

Paul Cushman, Richard Varick: A Forgotten Founding Father

Letters by Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and others to John Langdon

Charles Corning, John Langdon, 1903

Alden Bradford, Biography of Caleb Strong, 1820

Patriotism and Piety: The Speeches of Caleb Strong, 1800-1807

Andrew William Watson, ed., The Correspondence and Miscellanies of Hon. John Cotton Smith, 1847

Jonas Galusha, Memoir of Jonas Galusha, 5th Governor of Vermont

Sylvia Wrobel, Isaac Shelby: Kentucky’s First Governor, 1974

Samuel Irenaeus Prime, The Life and Letters of C.N. Righter

Henry Otis Dwight, Constantinople and its Problems

Elias Boudinot, A Star in the West: A Humble Attempt to Discover the Long Lost Tribes of Israel Preparatory to their Return

Elias Boudinot, The Age of Revelation: The Age of Reason Shown To Be an Age of Infidelity

More to come!

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