Is Blogging Scholarship?

For those of you attending the annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians this weekend in Atlanta don’t forget to hang around for the Sunday morning session “Is Blogging Scholarship.” Just in case you need some added incentive, check out my co-panelist Ben Alpers’s post at U.S. Intellectual History.  Here is a taste:

Starting this Thursday, the Organization of American Historians will be having its annual meeting in Atlanta.  I’m delighted to be on the program this year as one of the participants in a roundtable that will address the question “Is Blogging Scholarship?” Also taking part will be John Fea who blogs at The Way of Improvement Leads Home, Ann Little of Historiann fame, and Mike O’Malley, who blogs at The Aporetic.  The roundtable will be moderated by Jeff Pasley, who has blogged at Common-Place.  I’m really looking forward to what should be a fascinating discussion, except…
They’ve scheduled the roundtable for the very last session of the conference on Sunday morning at 10:45 am.  The primary purpose of this post is to encourage any of you who will be in Atlanta and who have late flights home to come to the roundtable.  That purpose having been served, follow me below the fold if you’re interested in thoughts on roundtables and conference scheduling.
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