"Confessing History" Editors Reunite

After my lecture tonight at Geneva College I got to hang out with these guys again.  Eric Miller is still teaching at Geneva and Jay Green came up from Georgia where he teaches at Covenant College. A few years ago we collaborated on a book called Confessing History: Explorations in Christian Faith and the Historian’s Vocation. Perhaps some of you have heard of it.  If you haven’t you need to get a copy.  It includes essays by Mark Schwehn (Valparaiso), Tracy McKenzie (Wheaton), Beth Barton Schweiger (Arkansas), Lendol Calder (Augustana), Wilfred McClay (University of Oklahoma), Mike Kugler (Northwestern College), Doug Sweeney (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), Una Cadegan (University of Dayton), Christopher Shannon (Christendom College), Brad Gundlach (Trinity College), Jim LaGrand (Messiah College), Thomas Albert Howard (Gordon College), and Will Katerberg (Calvin College).

It’s been a while, but we picked up right where we left off.  Is another book in the works?  We will be hanging out until Saturday.  Anything could happen.

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