Image of the Day: "Divine Healing versus the Elders’ Tradition"

I was poking around in the Northern York County Historical & Preservation Society archives yesterday and came across this tract from an evangelist named T.L. Osborn

I had never heard of Osborn before, but a quick Google search produced a lot of interesting information.  It also looks like there is a copy of this tract in the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center in Springfield, MO.  It appears to have been written sometime in the 1950s.
It took me a while to figure out what “Elders’ Tradition” meant in the title, but I eventually found a passage explaining the purpose of the tract which makes an attempt at defining this phrase.  It reads:
FIRST: We may be able, through the Scriptures, to enlighten you as to your covenant (or contract) rights regarding divine healing for your body, and

SECOND: That in some measure we may be able to reveal to you, by the Holy Scriptures, the utter falsity of much present-day TRADITIONAL teaching regarding the subject of divine healing for the body, and show you the un-Scriptural foundation upon which most of this TRADITIONAL teaching is based.

Has anyone heard this phrase “Elders’ Tradition” used before in opposition to divine healing?  Perhaps some of my friends who know something about Pentecostalism might be able to help.