The New "Early American Studies" is Here

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The Paradox of Sagadahoc: The Popham Colony, 1607–1608
Christopher J . Bilodeau

‘‘Bring them what they lack’’: Spanish-Creek Exchange and Alliance Making in a Maritime Borderland, 1763–1783
James L. Hill

Enlightenment and Revolution: The Case of Louisiana, 1768
Samuel Biagetti

With a Song in Their Hands: Incendiary Décimas from the Texas and Louisiana Borderlands during a Revolutionary Age
Carla Gerona

Rods and Reels: Social Clubs and Political Culture in Early Pennsylvania
Kate Haulman

Rus-Urban Imaginings: Literature of the American Park Movement and Representations of Social Space in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
John Evelev

“Consider the Source”

‘‘Exactly as they appear’’: Another Look at the Notes of a 1766 Treason Trial in Poughkeepsie, New York, with Some Musings on the Documentary Foundations of Early American History
James H. Merrell