White Guys Talking About Christian Hip-Hop and "Reformed Rap"

Does anyone think it is strange that there are seven middle-age white guys on this platform talking about a Christian response to hip-hop and rap?  One guy calls Christian rap musicians “disobedient cowards that wear gold grillz to try and be who they are not.” This was at a conference sponsored by an organization called the National Center for Family Integrated Churches  HT: Fred Clark at Slacktivist

//player.vimeo.com/video/80291749 The Worship of God Q&A: Holy Hip-Hop from NCFIC on Vimeo.

One thought on “White Guys Talking About Christian Hip-Hop and "Reformed Rap"

  1. The comments from these panelists seem totally crazy to me. I'm reformed (Presbyterian) but I don't see why that matters when it comes to music style.

    All rappers are self-absorbed, the panelists seem to say. I disagree. On what basis do they say this? I've listened to Christian rappers like Toby Mac, KJ-52, Grits, etc.. and I like them, honestly. I think they are trying to give glory to God and point people to Christ. Maybe some are self-absorbed and in it for their own glory, but couldn't that be said of any other Christian artist? Are you really going to draw a line between David Crowder and dcTalk? Where/how do you even draw such a line?

    This makes no sense.

    Rappers are cultural conformists, the panelists also seem to say. Again, what makes them any more conformist than other Christian artists? I think Christian rappers can go against the flow and confront secular errors, just as other artists can. For example, here is KJ-52's song “Dear Slim” which is a letter/rap to Eminem and it's pretty bold. KJ-52 has gotten a lot of flak for it.

    Why would these panelists discourage such evangelistic efforts or pass judgment on Christian rappers who seem quite genuine in their faith and calling?


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