A Hilarious Take on Museum Studies Graduate Programs

I know all the public historians and museum specialists who read The Way of Improvement Leads Home will find this entertaining.  Here is a taste:

The Peale-Barnum Public History Museum Studies Program is the most honest graduate program of its kind. Our two semester program prepares students for the ideals and realities of the public history and museum fields.

Financial Aid: Try to get grants or borrow money from your family. If possible, avoid loans. Otherwise you will end up living with either your parents or several roommates.Applying: We accept most applicants (we have bills to pay, you know).We promise that the experiences you have with us will haunt you for the rest of your career.

Faculty & Staff: Our faculty and staff can share with you their version of the ideal museum, no matter how impractical or naive.

Curriculum: We don’t offer classes, we host workshops (See below for a selection of our workshops). Our workshops will provide you with practical, hands-on experience which will prepare you for the real work that goes on at most museums.

Degree: You can choose to pursue a master of arts degree or a certificate. We suggest the masters, since our museum studies certificate is designed to benefit our bank account more than your career (museums rarely, if ever, advertise for someone with a graduate certificate. sorry).

Post-Graduation: What happens after graduation is not our concern. Besides disappointment and unemployment are part of the museum profession and you should get used to them as quickly as possible. Since it’s not part of your tuition, consider this a free lesson, our parting gift to you. However, no matter what happens after graduation, please don’t forget to send your annual alumni donation.

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