Duck Dynasty Trounces the Tea Party in Louisiana Election

Great post here from Rod Dreher.  Apparently a candidate for the in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District who had the support of Willie Robertson, the star of the popular television show Duck Dynasty, defeated a Tea Party candidate who had the support of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Here is a taste of Dreher’s post:

A stunning election result tonight in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional district. Political newcomer Vance McAllister beat the snot out of State Sen. Neil Riser in the runoff. Both men are Republicans, and both quite conservative. Riser was understood as having the support of the state GOP establishment, including Gov. Bobby Jindal. Riser was also backed by the state Tea Party. After the primary election, McAllister began to sound more conciliatory, saying that he would work with Democrats. Riser jumped on that, trying to paint him as a squish.
McAllister’s secret weapon: the Robertson family. Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson cut a last-minute ad for McAllister. That has got to have had a huge effect. It was a total McAllister blowout tonight. The Tea Party is nothing compared to the Duck Commander dudes.

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