The Winter Meeting of the American Society of Church History

The program for the Winter Meeting of the ASCH is out and it abounds with interesting and provocative sessions.  I wish I could go to them all.  I am looking forward to joining Anna Lawrence, Christopher Jones, Katherine Carte Engel, and Mark Peterson on a session entitled “Fracturing a Global Empire: Religion and Place in the American Revolution.”  I will be sharing some work in progress on my project on Presbyterians and the American Revolution.

Other sessions that caught my eye:
  • A session evangelical book culture featuring Catherine Brekus, Jonathan Yeager, Keith Grant, and Daniel Vaca
  • A session on David Bebbington’s so-called “Evangelical Quadrilateral” featuring Timothy Larsen, Kelly Elliott, Thomas Kidd, Amanda Porterfield, and Bebbington himself
  • A session liberal religion in America featuring Lydia Willsky, Matthew Bowman, Elesha Coffman, and Matthew Hedstrom
  • A session on war featuring Darryl Hart, Benjamin Wetzel, Cara Burnidge, Paul Kemeny, and Richard Gamble
  • A session on Amanda Porterfield’s Conceived in Doubt featuring Katherine Carte Engel, Michael Altman, James Byrd, Kathryn Gin Lum, and Mark Noll
  • A session Indian missions in the early republic featuring Linford Fisher, Brian Franklin, Nicholas Aieta, and Joshua Rice
  • A session on Pentecostals featuring Kate Bowler, Christopher Kinder, Susie Butler, and Jonathan Root
  • A session on religion and the American Civil War featuring Mark Noll, Harry Stout, Allen Guelzo, James McPherson, George Rable, and Laurie Maffly-Kipp
  •  A session on Catholicism and the politics of life featuring Leslie Tenter, Daniel Williams, Raymond Haberski, and Marian Mollin
This should be a great conference.  Unfortunately I have other responsibilities that will keep me away from all of these sessions, but I hope to make as many as possible.