More Seaside Heights

I continue to be devastated by this.  A piece of New Jersey history (and my childhood) may be gone for good.

Here is a Facebook post from Kohr’s Frozen Custard:

What can we say? Our hearts are broken. Kohr’s Frozen Custard lost all 4 stands to yesterday’s fire.

Not only did we witness our business being taken from us, right before our eyes, we also witnessed our family’s history go up in smoke. Our hearts go out to all our neighbors, friends, and “family” that had to witness the same. Thankfully no lives were lost and nobody suffered serious injury.

Thank you to the firefighters that fought tirelessly to save what they could.

Finally, thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, condolences, and well wishes.

Bruce and Nancy Kohr

Here is some raw video from NBC-New York: nbcLP={};nbcLP.aRandomNumber=Math.floor(Math.random()*10000);nbcLP.currentPageLoc=encodeURIComponent(window.location.href);nbcLP.currentSiteLoc=encodeURIComponent(;nbcLP.defaultWidth=652;nbcLP.defaultHeight=367;nbcLP.cmsID=”223606681″;nbcLP.vidPid=”g6TEjp6h5OKc”;nbcLP.vidSec=”TK”;nbcLP.vidSubSec=”TK”;nbcLP.vidFrame=document.getElementById(“nbcLP223606681″);”none”;nbcLP.vidFrame.width=nbcLP.defaultWidth;nbcLP.vidFrame.height=nbcLP.defaultHeight;nbcLP.vidFrame.scrolling=”no”;nbcLP.vidFrame.src=””+nbcLP.cmsID+”&videoID=”+nbcLP.vidPid+”&width=”+nbcLP.defaultWidth+”&height=”+nbcLP.defaultHeight+”&sec=”+nbcLP.vidSec+”&subsec=”+nbcLP.vidSubSec+”&turl=”+nbcLP.currentSiteLoc+”&ourl=”+nbcLP.currentPageLoc+”&rand=”+nbcLP.aRandomNumber;

Here is what’s left of the carousel at Funtown Pier:

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