Digital Humanities at Small Colleges

Over at ProfHacker, Adeline Koh of Richard Stockton College has started a conversation about how the digital humanities can be done outside the research university.  This is something that we wrestle with on a daily basis at Messiah College under the leadership of our Dean of Humanities, Peter Powers.

In the History Department, starting in Spring 2014, we will be offering a course on “Digital History.”  The course is part of our new and improved Public History concentration, but it will be open to the entire student population.  I know other things are in the works as well, including a collaborative project with nearby Harrisburg University.

Koh gets the conversation started with a few important questions:

  • What is the state of the digital humanities outside of the research university?
  • How do you “do” the digital humanities with limited resources? 
  • Have you brought digital humanities methods into your teaching and service activities?
  • Do you work together with other institutions to pool resources?
  • What suggestions can you offer to those wanting to enter the field who work in small liberal arts colleges, master’s level institutions and community colleges?