Tweets From the Philly DH Conference

Here are some of my tweets from Tuesday’s Philly’s DH conference. Here is my summary of the event:

Edson: Archives, museums, and libraries are important, but we need technology, not more rooms full of stuff
Edson begins talk with a 10-minute poem called “Jack the Museum” Will this poem be put online at some point?  (Yes).
Edson: We forged our dreams in simpler times when bigger collections, staffs, and buildings defined the field. We need new dreams
Keynote Address at : Michael Edson, director of web and new media at the Smithsonian. Talk is titled “The Age of Scale”
Lightning Round is about to begin. Contestants have 2 minutes to pitch a DH idea. A gong is present to stop long-winded DHers
Learning how to use Omeka at
Messiah College academic dean Pete Powers gets a shout-out at for his work on DH collaboration!!
Possibility of bringing small liberal arts colleges together in a Philly-area consortium with Haverford-Swarth-Bryn Mawr as model
Settling in for unconference session on DH at small liberal arts colleges
Great discussion on digitized records. Do historians want digitized transcriptions (that are searchable) or scanned originals?
Princeton archivist: Users can take photos for their own research and then agree to download for public use online
Session focused on “demand side” of archive research. Users rather than archivists.
At session on “Workflows for Archival Research.” Maybe I can be convinced to change my old school archival research practices.
Brianna LaCasse: Students should try to start a grassroots movement to get the administration to support digital initiatives
Your writing voice often follows you in a way that your speaking voice does not. Be cautious about posting student papers/videos.
Students are unaware of possibilities in DH. Do not understand how it will benefit them on the job market in a variety of fields
Should digital media labs be prioritized to the same degree as writing centers or tutoring centers?
Smaller institutions should advocate for a centralized digital media lab where people can go for help with digital tools.
If students do most of their writing on Facebook, we can teach them to make evidence-based arguments on FB.
Should colleges have “technology literacy” requirements. or a required gen-ed course of this nature?
In order for blogs to work in your classroom you need to grade it and hold students accountable.
Some faculty members, especially older ones, have no interest in DH. Must move forward with those who ARE interested
Sitting in on an “unconference” session on digital humanities and the undergraduate curriculum
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