The 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg is Almost Here

The Associated Press reports on the preparations for the big event.  Here is a taste:

A groomed path to the top of Little Round Top. Expanded cellphone coverage. Dozens of portable toilets.

The National Park Service and a cadre of community organizers are busily putting the finishing touches on preparations for the commemoration of the pivotal battle of the American Civil War that cemented this small Pennsylvania town’s place in U.S history. Tens of thousands of visitors are expected for a 10-day schedule of events that begin June 29.

“I think we’re ready,” Bob Kirby, superintendent of Gettysburg National Military Park, said in a recent interview . “We’re ready for what the world would like to see.”

And Messiah College‘s own senior history major Elizabeth Motich will be right in the middle of it all.  She is blogging about her summer internship at Gettysburg during the 150th anniversary celebration. (Unfortunately her blog is set to private–I hope she will open it up so we all can follow her musings).

2 thoughts on “The 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg is Almost Here

  1. Call me old fashion, but one of the “joys” of getting to Little Round Top was the inexact and steep climb that separated the committed from the casual observer. It made you think – how the hell did they charge up here? Now it sounds like everyone will be up there talking on their cellphones or immediately posting to their Facebook page. I'm not sure that enhances any kind of contemplative or commemorative experience.


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