Who is the Greatest Coach of All Time?

The New York Times says it is Sir Alex Ferguson, recently retired coach of Manchester United Football ClubHe won 13 league championships, five F.A. cups, and 2 Champions League titles.  According to this chart, he also won 65% of his matches.

Here are some of the North American contenders:

Phil Jackson:  11 NBA titles and won roughly 68% of his games.

Gino Auriemma: 8 NCAA titles and won 86% of his games.

Pat Summitt:  8 NCAA titles and won 84% of her games.

John Wooden: 10 NCAA titles and won 80% of his games.

Red Auerbach: 9 NBA titles and won rougly 58% of his games.

Scotty Bowman: 9 Stanley Cup titles and won roughly 66% of his games.

Casey Stengel: Won the World Series 7 times with a 51 winning percentage.

Bear Bryant: Won 76% of his games along with 6 national championships.

Mike Krzyzewski: Won four national championships and roughly 76% of his games.

Paul Brown: Won roughly 67% of his games along with seven NFL titles.

Joe McCarthy:  Won the World Series seven times and had a 62 winning percentage.

George Halas:  Six NFL championships and a roughly 68 winning percentage.

Who would you choose as the greatest coach of all time?