9th Grade Conversation of the Day

According to reliable sources, the following exchange occurred yesterday in a 9th grade history classroom at a public high school somewhere in central Pennsylvania:

Disgruntled anti-religious student (angrily):  Why do so many people in America have to quote the Bible all the time?

History Teacher (calmly):  What do you think?  And try to answer the question using history.

Disgruntled anti-religious student (angrily): I think it is probably because all the Founding Fathers were Christians and now we have to deal with the Christian nation that they created.

(At this point a hand shoots up in the back of the class.  It is raised by the daughter of a certain Christian college history professor.  Let’s call her “Christian Student”).

Christian Student: Um, the claim that the United States was founded as a Christian nation is highly debatable.

Teacher:  Yes, it is debatable.

It is also rumored that the “Christian Student” is pictured on the left in this photo, taken earlier this year by a local newspaper reporter:

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