A Religious History of the Mustache

Erik Campano interviews Allan Peterkin, author of One Thousand Mustaches: A Culture History of the Mo.  I had no idea that the mustache was seen by Christians as a mark of the Beast.  Here is a taste:

EC: Was there actually some kind of religious reaction to the 70s ‘stache?

AP: To the gay mustache, for sure. It certainly was an emblem of being gay — the clone look, it was called — very militaristic, hyper-masculine. Back in the 60s, the hippies would wear long hair, straggly beards, and sometimes the mustache with long hair, and probably pushing the envelope, saying that this is a taboo style, but I’m free to do what I want, and it’s also highly sexualized. On the other hand, it was very popular particularly in the British military. You could tell an officer’s rank by how bushy his mustache was allowed to be.