Using the Classroom to Connect Children’s History, Local History, and Digital History

Lisa Harmon, a Senior Research Associate, offers history teachers some creative ways of linking the history of children’s lives with local history and digital storytelling.  Here is a taste:

…Textbooks also omit local history. Where did children play, learn, and work in the past in your area? How might you and your students connect with that past?’s Daisy Martin suggests trying local museums, historic sites, and libraries. High school teacher Roseanne Lichatin has had good luck connecting students with volunteer opportunities at local history museums.

But what about digital media and tools? How can you combine those with children’s and local history? With the help of a still or video camera and digital storytelling tools, your students can recreate stories from your local past. For inspiration, check out our feature on the Of the Student, By the Student, For the Student project, a program of The Journey Through Hallowed Ground partnership. In this program, students visit local historic sites and write and film their own short documentaries or historical films “on location.”

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