University of Texas History Department Receives $6.6 Million Gift

We in the Messiah College History Department would be happy to take 1/10th of such a gift.  Interested alum can reach me through the blog.  (Only half-kidding about this).

Here is a taste of an article in the Austin American-Statesman:

Gardner Marston earned his history degree at the University of Texas in 1953. His studies in Austin must have been deeply fulfilling, as evidenced by a $6.6 million bequest that the history department has received from his estate.

Marston, who died in 2011 at the age of 86, was a native and longtime resident of La Jolla, Calif. He traveled widely and had a lifelong curiosity about history, geography and current events — interests that no doubt were fueled by his time in Austin.

Gifts of this size to a single academic department are fairly unusual. And in this case, university officials were expecting a much smaller bequest. Marston told them in 1999 that he had included a $1 million donation in his will.

“It was a nice surprise,” Kathleen Aronson, assistant dean for development in the College of Liberal Arts, said Tuesday.

The money will be used to fund scholarship and travel for undergraduate and graduate students.