More on Evangelicals and Pope Francis

Christianity Today has recently published three articles on the reaction of evangelicals to the election of Pope Francis. 

The first is an article on the way evangelicals in Argentina have responded to Francis.  Some of them describe the selection of Francis as an “answer to our prayers.”

The second article is an interview with international evangelist Luis Palau, a personal friend of Pope Francis.  Here is a taste:

Do you have any personal stories or memories of him that really exemplify his relationship with evangelicals? 
One day I said to him, ‘You seem to love the Bible a lot,’ and he said, ‘You know, my financial manager [for the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires] … is an evangelical Christian.’ I said, ‘Why would that be?’ And he said, ‘Well, I can trust him, and we spend hours reading the Bible and praying and drinking maté [an Argentine green tea].’ People do that with their friends, share and pass the mate, and every day when he was in town, which was often, after lunch he and his financial manager would sit together, read the Bible, pray, and drink maté. To me, he was making a point [about his relationship with evangelicals] by telling me that: trust and friendship.
The third article surveys American evangelical leaders, including Leith Anderson, the president of the National Association of Evangelicals.  Everyone loves him, but only Carl Trueman is willing to say that theological differences still remain.