Christianity is a Cult and Communism is Awesome

According to this post at the blog of the Texas Freedom Network, Texas communities are up-in-arms about something called CSCOPE.  Here is a description:

CSCOPE is a curriculum management tool developed through a collaboration of regional Education Service Centers set up by the state in the 1960s. The purpose of the service centers is to provide support to public school districts. CSCOPE guides districts in how to cover the state’s curriculum standards and includes sample lessons teachers can use. 

The CSCOPE website describes it this way:

CSCOPE is a comprehensive online curriculum management system developed and owned by the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC), a consortium composed of the 20 ESCs in the state. The CSCOPE system includes a curriculum framework for grades K-12 in all foundational academic subject areas aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. CSCOPE content is regularly updated based on all SBOE-adopted changes in the TEKS, as well as any relevant changes/interpretations of state standards and from feedback collected through various stakeholder groups in the collaborative, including individual teacher submissions through the CSCOPE website and the School District Advisory Committee, comprised of district representatives from all participating regions of the state. Participating school districts may also use the online CSCOPE system to customize and/or create content, as well as providing for the inclusion of locally approved or adopted supplemental resources.

It sounds pretty tame to me, but apparently some communities are very upset about CSCOPE.  The parents of Marble Falls and Burnet were so upset about it that they held a meeting to “declare war on our children in the form of C-SCOPE curriculum.”  The local Tea Party was behind this, as evidenced from this newspaper advertisement:

Perhaps I am wrong, but I can’t believe that any self-respecting curriculum would include lessons with titles such as “Christianity is a Cult,” “Communism is Awesome,” or “Christopher Columbus Was a (sic) Eco-Warrior.”

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  1. They need to get their stories straight. As a leftist indoctrinator, I can assure them that Christopher Columbus was no eco-warrior.


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