The Greatest Moment in American History?

Writing at The Journal of the American Revolution, historian Thomas Fleming argues that the day George Washington resigned his commission with the Continental Army was the “greatest moment in American history.” Here is a taste:

This was — is — the most important moment in American history. This man could have been King George I of America, or President General for Life after dispersing a feckless Congress and obtaining for himself and his officers riches worthy of their courage. Instead he was renouncing absolute power to become a private citizen, at the mercy of politicians over whom he had no control. This visible incontrovertible act did more to affirm America’s faith in the government of the people than a thousand declarations by legislatures and treatises by philosophers.

Any other nominees for “The Greatest Moment in American History?”

One thought on “The Greatest Moment in American History?

  1. Not an original thought, but I'll agree with those who point to the 1801 peaceful transfer of power from Washington/Adams' Federalist Party to Jefferson's D-R opposition party.

    Or then again, its antithesis, the victory of raw force, Appomattox.


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