A 1950s Quiz on How to Know If You are a "Sissy" Husband or a Bad Wife

This came from a book by Dr. George W. Crane, published in the early 1950s, entitled Tests for Husbands and Wives: 100 Point Rating Scales–Blueprint for Happiness.
I have included the first page of one of the quizzes below.  You can check out the rest at The Village Voice column “Studies in Crap.”  
And now for the men.
Here are some definite no-nos:
  • Stares at our flirts with other women while out with wife
  • Compares wife unfavorably with mother or other wives (5)
  • Publicly praises bachelor days and regrets having married
  • Fails to bathe or change socks often enough
  • Picks teeth, nose, or sucks on teeth when in public
  • Blames wife for everything that goes wrong
  • Angry if newspaper is disarranged
  • Talks of efficiency of stenographer or other women
  • Teases wife re fatness, slowness, etc.
  • Too much a bookworm — doesn’t talk to wife enough

3 thoughts on “A 1950s Quiz on How to Know If You are a "Sissy" Husband or a Bad Wife

  1. And on the flip side, there are 5 points off for not liking children, plus another point (putting them to bed) that can only be “earned” by women with children.


  2. I note that church is apparently optional for men? The wife gets 10 points for taking the children, and then one more for letting hubby sleep in…


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