Amerian Revolution Conference in Williamsburg

America LLC is sponsoring a conference on the American Revolution in Williamsburg on March 22-24.  As Boston 1775 points out, this is not an academic conference.  It is designed for the general public, including “independent researchers and history buffs.”  Here is the list of speakers and their topics:

Edward G. Lengel, Head of Faculty: “Revolutionary Rivals: Horatio Gates and George Washington”
Douglas Cubbison: “Man on a Mission: John Burgoyne and the Campaign of 1777”
Joshua Howard: “The Swamp Fox: Francis Marion, Revolutionary War Hero of South Carolina”
James Kirby Martin: “Benedict Arnold: Revolutionary America’s Heroic General”
Andrew O’Shaughnessy: “Fighting with Friends and Enemies Simultaneously: Sir Henry Clinton”
Jim Piecuch: “Frustrated Ambitions: “Light Horse Harry Lee’s Conflicts On and Off the Battlefield”
John V. Quarstein: “Closing the Door on Cornwallis: The Battle of the Capes September 1781”
Glenn F. Williams: “Lord Dunmore’s War: Training Ground for Continental Officers

Two Panel Discussions:

  1. “The Best and Worst Military Commanders of the Revolutionary War”
  2. “A Revolutionary War Bookshelf: What You Should Own and What Books will be Published Soon”

Optional Friday Bus Tour to Petersburg, Green Spring and Spencer’s Ordinary (includes lunch) led by William Welsch

Learn more about the package here.

The folks at American History LLC do a nice job of bringing American history to public audiences.  In fact, I have signed on to do a three day tour with them in early June titled “Religion, Rebellion & the Founding Fathers.”  I hope you will consider joining us.