4 thoughts on “Still Openings For David Barton’s Congressional Pastors Briefing

  1. Tom,

    INSOFAR as David Barton espouses a distorted narrative of American history, and INSOFAR as that narrative is than proclaimed loudly and often in the halls of power, influencing elected officials, and INSOFAR as those elected officials are likely to make decisions based on that narrative (to whatever extent), then yes, he does, in fact, pose a threat to our republic.


  2. Tom: For me this has little to do with politics. (You call me a liberal). It has everything to do with bad history. As you know, I have been critical of Zinn here as well. I can't speak for Jon Rowe, Warren Throckmorton, Chris Rodda and the other Barton critics.


  3. David Barton does pose a threat in the way he uses a distorted historical view of our past to support his ideological opinions. Instead of supporting his opinions with facts he seeks to make his opinions look like they're authoritive with the information he gives people which is inaccurate. Basically, he lies to people. If someone has to lie to people in order to get them to agree with them then they are not worth much in my opinion.

    His lies are magnified by the fact that he has influence with the state of Texas in their schoolbook selection. If you want your nation built on a lie, then David Barton is your man.


  4. John, you liberals never exactly got the game on this. At this point Barton-bashing only serves as fuel for wagon-circling among the faithful.

    “When you looked at the Republicans you saw the scum off the top of business. When you looked at the Democrats you saw the scum off the top of politics. Personally, I prefer business. A businessman will steal from you directly instead of getting the IRS to do it for him. And when Republicans ruin the environment, destroy the supply of affordable housing, and wreck the industrial infrastructure, at least they make a buck off it. The Democrats just do these things for fun.”

    And at least MSNBC turns a buck, sort of. And they employ people. Tilting at windmills or defending a whore's honor, say the American public's when it comes to Barton's war on Everson, is cute, indeed romantic. But frankly, windmills and whores contribute more to the common good than scholars and scolds.

    Just a word up, is all. I don't think David Barton poses a whiff of a threat to the republic, and he seems to make his living independent of government money. Works for me.


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