Program for the Annual Meeting of the National Council on Public History

I will not be attending the annual meeting of the National Council on Public History in Ottawa on April 17-20, but if I were going I would consider these sessions:

Wednesday, April 17

Workshop: “Teaching Students How to Write National Historic Landmark Nominations”

Working Group: “Best Practices for Establishing a Public History Program”

Thursday, April 18

Roundtable: “Regional Public History and Public Liberal Arts Colleges: Activist Archivists, Cultural Studies Centers, and Collaborations with Historical Societies.

Session: “WordPress as a Public History Platform”

Session: “Connecting Communities: Social Media and Public History Practice”

Session: “What Employers Seek in Public History Graduates”

Friday, April 19

Session: “Reaching the Public Through the Web: the Practice of Digital Active History”

Session: “Engaging Audiences with History as it Happened”

Session: “Historical Podcasting and its Public”

Check out the entire program here.