Christie and Springsteen: A Friendship Blooms!

I can see it now.  It’s January 2016.  The GOP candidates for president are stumping through Iowa.  Rick Santorum takes out a television ad connecting his GOP primary rival, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, to the  rock ‘n’ roll icon Bruce Springsteen.  It might go something like this (cue ominous-sounding announcer guy with a deep voice):

“Republicans of Iowa:  Can you really trust a man who pals around with left-wing progressive musicians like Bruce Springsteen?  Not only did Chris Christie and Springsteen hug one another, but Christie also accepted Springsteen’s gesture of friendship!” Rick Santorum has never been to a Springsteen concert and does not even own one of his albums. 

I am Rick Santorum and I have approved this message.

OK, perhaps this is a bit over the top, but I did get a kick out of the fact that Christie, a governor who is making friends across the aisle in the wake of hurricane Sandy, has now gotten the approval of his rock ‘n’ roll hero.

Here is a taste from an article on the Christie-Springsteen-Obama bromance:

Gov. Chris Christie wept tears of joy Friday night when his no-nonsense response to Hurricane Sandy earned him what decades of obsession had not: Bruce Springsteen’s friendship.

“We hugged. He told me, ‘It’s official. We’re friends.’” Christie said today during a news conference after visiting a shelter at Bolger Middle School.

Christie and the Boss talked for a while Friday night at a telethon NBC held to raise money for victims of the worst hurricane ever to hit New Jersey. Christie said Springsteen told him he was proud of the job he was doing — a sentiment he also expressed Wednesday on stage in Rochester, N.Y.

“And I’ll treasure it forever,” Christie said, adding: “It was a lot of fun for me. It was the best part of my week on the social side for sure.”

President Obama today facilitated another chat between the quintessential Jersey boys.

“I told the President today actually that the hug was great and when we got home there was a lot of weeping because of the hug,” Christie said, recounting his now daily chat with Obama. “And the President asked why and I said, ‘To be honest, I was the one who was weeping. Everybody else was fine.’ ”

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