Why Are Chris Christie and Barack Obama Getting Along So Well?

In case you haven’t heard, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, a Republican, has been praising Barack Obama for his handling of hurricane Sandy. According to Jeffrey Goldberg at the Atlantic, Christie’s new found love for Obama may have something to do with Bruce Springsteen.  Here is a taste of Goldberg’s post:

Here are three theories about Christie:

1) The first, most benign theory: Christie, in my experience, is a deeply emotional and highly sentimental man, and he is torn-up about the devastation along the Jersey Shore. The support he’s received from President Obama — the support he receives from anyone — at such a wrenching moment, makes him inordinately grateful. And President Obama has been extremely attentive.

2) To add to Maureen’s theory, Christie is an impatient guy, and the idea of running in 2016 is much more appealing to him than running in 2020. He will have faded from memory by 2020, in any case; plus Paul Ryan, who will have been vice president for four or eight years, would be a formidable challenger. For 2016, Christie is in the top-tier of Republican candidates. In 2020, who knows?

3) Chris Christie loves Bruce Springsteen. (This story, by yours truly, explains why.)  Bruce Springsteen loves Barack Obama. Bruce Springsteen does not love Chris Christie. Being overtly supportive of Barack Obama might get Chris Christie his holy grail: The approval of Springsteen, even a meeting with him. Believe me — he’d rather meet with Springsteen than with Obama, or anyone else.

3 thoughts on “Why Are Chris Christie and Barack Obama Getting Along So Well?

  1. Could it not also be: 4) that Christie is just being civil in politics, something we all say we want? In this case, perhaps he recognizes that there is no real need to be a partisan, that he can work with a Dem to do what he wants, and that there is no real reason not to be nice? Isn't that how G. Washington envisioned government working?


  2. Easy. Obama, Springsteen and Christie are narcissists posing as humanitarians. That's a duh, john. They all think they're Tom Joad, a fictional character.

    If they had any guts, they'd go the full Huey Long. He was a real human being at least.



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