Tweeting the Bible in the Public Square Conference at Duke

I will not be posted anything today since I am at the Bible in the Public Square conference at Duke.  Last night the conference kicked off with a great lecture from Jacques Berlinerblau and some very fruitful conversation.

I will be doing my best to live tweet the event (assuming everything works out with the WiFi Connection and my computer battery) so feel free to follow along.

You can follow me at @johnfea1

I will be be using  #bibleinpublicsquare

I will do my best to tweet all the sessions except, of course, the one in which I will be presenting.  You can also watch the conference through the live feed at the conference website.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Tweeting the Bible in the Public Square Conference at Duke

  1. Enjoyed your presentation today at Duke, especially helping a non-historian like me see the political motivation for much that is labelled “heritage.” Given that the heritage approach is at best a non-optimal use of history, what do you see as some of the better contributions that history can make to the public square?


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